SALTO International School RISE and I-St@rt are subsidized by the Dutch ministry of Education (ministerie van OC&W) and according to their regulations only international oriented families can seek admission at our school:

•The pupil or one of its parents has a non-Dutch nationality and one of the parents will be working in the Netherlands or the border area for a limited period. The family expects to stay in the Netherlands for a limited period of time, none of the parents’ employers contributes to school fees of the children. 

•The pupil has the Dutch nationality and has spent a longer period abroad (at least two years) because of the job of one of the parents. The pupils must have joined local or international education for two years or longer in that country.

•The pupil has the Dutch nationality and will leave within two years to another country because of the job of one of the parents. The period abroad needs to be two years or longer. 

In addition to the above described conditions, there is also the conditon that the parents/caretakers of the student expect to stay in the Netherlands for a minimum of three years, but temporarily. When a family is unable to state how long that period will be, the temporary nature of their stay in the Netherlands must be certain. 

We offer primary education for children from ages 4 to 12 (groups 1-8) and is accessible to children of all nationalities, faiths and cultures, based on equality. From group 5 onwards we will assess the children on their knowledge of language to evaluate whether we could provide the best suitable education.

Children can be admitted throughout the school year.