Welcome to the PTA of Salto International School, representing parents and teachers from the RISE and I-St@rt locations. We are a legally mandatory entity that all schools must have. We consist of 2 parents and 2 teachers from each location, giving us a great representation of all parties involved in making the schools such a great place for both students and staff.

As the PTA we serve a double role. On the one hand we are the direct representation of the students and their parents. This means that we do our best to create the best school environment possible together with the school staff. We help set holiday schedules, are involved in school information streams and help the school allocate resources. Besides that, we help organize activities like school trips and cultural festivities and celebrations.

On the other hand we are a direct partner of the school. This means that we help shape policies, approve financial- and personnel plans and help the school management determine the directions to take into the future with regards to curriculum and programs. This part of our role is largely determined by Dutch law, but we work closely with management of the schools as well as the larger SALTO organization to make sure that we have a solid vision for the future.

As your representatives it is important that we hear from the parents of the school! Any questions, ideas, suggestions, complaints or plans are welcome! Feel free to reach out to us and we will do our best to help you out or to work together. You can email us on: 

And you can of course always come talk to one of us on the schoolyard during drop-off or pickup or one of the school activities.

First PTA meeting of 2023/2024: October 3rd. 

Please find our yearly report here