Admission and school fee

SALTO International School RISE (Reigerlaan International School Eindhoven) and SALTO International school I-St@rt will be subsidized by the Dutch ministry of Education (ministerie van OC&W) and according to their regulations only international oriented families can seek admission at our school:
  • The pupil or one of its parents has a non-Dutch nationality and one of the parents will be working in the Netherlands or the border area for a limited period. The family expects to stay in the Netherlands for at least 5 years, none of the parents' employers contributes to school fees of the children.
  • The pupil has the Dutch nationality and has spent a longer period abroad (at least two years) because of the job of one of the parents. The pupils must have joined local or international education for two years or longer in that country.
  • The pupil has the Dutch nationality and will leave within two years to another country because of the job of one of the parents. The period abroad needs to be two years or longer.
To enroll at RISE or I-St@rt we ask you to fill in an enrolment form and return it to our administration by email ( ). After receiving the application we will invite you for an intake interview at the school before the admission is definite. As soon as all available places have been filled and a waiting list occurs, we will inform you about our waiting list procedure and about  possibilities at other SALTO schools.

Please note: group 0, group 1 and group 2 are full for school year 2019-2020. For these groups we currently have a waiting list at both locations. You can send in the enrolment form, and we will contact you when a place comes available.  

The school fee will be € 350 per student per year. The school fees enable us to hire specialist teachers with a higher language proficiency level, to execute our intense language policies, to organize excursions and to use the international primary curriculum.

We at SALTO strongly believe in open and accessible education for every child. When really needed, school fees can be discussed.