Our curriculum

We aim to reach our goals via our hybrid international primary curriculum. Around 50% of the classes will be taught in Dutch: as formal language classes (both as additional language or mother tongue level) and also integrated in other subjects, like mathematics and p.e. The other half of the time, the children will work with the international primary curriculum (IPC) in English or/and their mother tongue. Of course English will also be taught in formal language classes, also as additional language or at mother tongue level.
The use of our students' mother tongues will be stimulated; and we aim to contribute to the academic development of their mother tongues by providing mother tongue language classes (either during or after school hours).
When graduating from our school we want to have helped our students in their development of becoming bilingual / multilingual children for whom both choices are open: continuing at a regular Dutch secondary school or continuing at an international secondary school.
The school has a strong focus on internationalisation. Our pupils are from all over the world, a fact that we use to our advantage to create learning opportunities about these different cultures in order to develop international and intercultural awareness within everybody in our school.
Be yourself        |             be international              |             be Dutch
Be yourself means that the whole you is welcome at RISE, regardless your social background or nationality. Your home language and culture will be part of our education.
be international is making an advantage out of the differences within our school and using them to learn about other cultures. By learning English continuation on an international (secondary) school remains a possibility
be Dutch and integrate in the Dutch society will be easier when you speak Dutch and when you are aware of cultural characteristics.