About us

SALTO International Schools is an initiative from the SALTO educational group, existing of 22 primary schools in Eindhoven. In 2019 we have welcomed our first pupils to join classes in this new international primary school concept, an inspiring balance between traditional international education and Dutch education. With this school we hope to meet the need for a hybrid form of international education, especially for children whose families are staying in the Netherlands for a longer / undetermined time. Integration in the Dutch society and speaking Dutch are important for this group, combined with keeping the possibilities open for continuation on an international school in another country. That's why both English and Dutch are the languages of instruction at our school.

SALTO international school consists of 2 locations:

SALTO international school RISE
RISE (= Reigerlaan International School Eindhoven) is the international department of SALTO-school 'de Reigerlaan'. Beginning of 2019 we have started with two kindergarten groups at RISE. In August 2019 there will be a grand opening, when all the other groups will start as well. RISE is currently located at Reigerlaan 3, in the city center of Eindhoven.

SALTO international school I-St@rt 
I-St@rt will open in August 2019 and is located in Meerhoven in the building of SALTO-school 'de St@rtbaan' (Address = Meerbos 16).