Admissions process and fee structure

Admissions process

To enroll at RISE or I-St@rt we request you to complete the inquiry form or contact us directly via email or telephone. If the child is eligible, a pre-enrollment can be filled in. When we do have a place available, we will invite the family for an intake interview before the admission is definite a couple of month prior to the starting date. This intake interview will take place at school or will be held digitally.
In this intake meeting we will get to know each other and talk about educational needs to see if we can provide the perfect education for your child. From group 5 onwards we will also assess the childrens knowledge of English and/or Dutch. When all available places have been filled, childrens names will be placed on a waiting list. We will inform you about our waiting list procedure and about possibilities at other SALTO schools.

At the moment we are handling a waiting list for the following groups:
RISE: 5,6

School fees

The registration fee is  € 50 per family. 

The school fee is € 400 per student per year. The school fees enable us to hire specialist teachers with a higher language proficiency level, to execute our intense language policies, to organize excursions and to use the international primary curriculum.

The school fee is paid in two installments of € 200 each, one at the beginning of the school year and one after the winter break. If a child is attending school in that period the full amount for that period has to be paid, regardless of the number of days spend at school. 

For questions about enrollment or admission, you can contact us at or 040-2677153