About us

SALTO International School is a public, international school, aimed at international families who stay in the Netherlands for a longer period of time, but not permanently.  We welcome families of all nationalities and culture.  Our bilingual school concept is ambitious in nature and sets high standards for children.  The IPC (International Primary Curriculum) concept of international mindedness underpins our entire curriculum.  The IPC provides both depth and breadth to students' learning and is our vehicle for all subjects, including where possible, literacy and mathematics.  All subjects are taught in both languages.  The IPC personal goals are central to our social-emotional offering.  

We are a Language Friendly School and the children's language development is the focus. The cultural diversity and sensitivity of children, parents and team are central. The social-emotional development of the students receives special attention in the school because there are children of different nationalities.

When graduating from our school we want to have helped our students in their development of becoming bilingual / multilingual children for whom both choices are open: continuing at a regular Dutch secondary school or continuing at an international secondary school.